Anti-Rust Lubricant 450ml


  • Section : Auto chemicals and cosmetics
  • Category : Multipurpose product
  • Attribute: 820220
  • Bar code: 5902310820222
  • Option: 24 in box


Professional pervasive agent for a quick separation of rust, stuck or frozen screwed or cylindrical connections. Thanks to the active components, it allows you to quickly and efficiently disconnect rusted metal parts: bolts, nuts, battery terminals, etc. Includes active components which help to reduce friction, increase corrosion resistance of the metal. Used to lubricate, protect and care for moving surfaces: door hinges, locks, etc. Displaces moisture and improves electrical conductivity. The agent does not harm rubber, wood, plastic, paintwork, chrome-plated surfaces. It is used in both: professional use and at home.

Additional info

  • Volume 450 ml